David G. Markham, C.S.W.


I see people individually, as a couple, and as a family. I am willing to mix and match depending on the agenda. Sometimes people like to split a session and I will see part of the family, or one of the partners for part of the session, and the other family members or other partner for the other part of the session.

Usually counseling sessions last about 50 minutes. I usually start my sessions at the beginning of the hour (3:00PM, 4:00PM, 5:00 PM, etc.)

I see clients of all ages from age 4 to 100. When I see younger children and teenagers I usually ask the parents to sit in on the session unless clients wish to be seen alone.

I deal with all kinds of problems. Here is a partial list:

Anxiety and panic
Bereavement and grieving
Suicidal ideas/behavior
Substance abuse
Marital problems
Nightmares/sleep disorders
Sexual problems
Sex abuse problems
Parent/child problems
Child abuse
Psychosomatic stress disorders
School problems
Emotional problems
Anger management
Conduct defiant disorders
Identity disorders

Confidentiality is rigorously maintained at all times. I will only share information with the client's written consent. When appropriate and only with the client's written consent, I am willing to coordinate services with schools, physicians, attorneys, clergy people, and anyone else with whom the client believes it would be helpful.

I also teach and provide workshops on various mental health, substance abuse, and family life topics. If you need a program or a speaker for your group or organization give me a call so we can discuss your need. (See the page on workshops for workshops I have given in the past.)

Offering Individual, Couple, & Family Counseling

Contact Information

Phone: 585-637-0040