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I usually am in my  private office on Monday, Wednesday, Friday evenings, and all day on Saturday. On weekdays, during daytime hours, I am usually at  GCASA where I am the Executive Director

I take my psychotherapy practice very seriously, and try to keep up with the research and the knowledge in the field. The Institute For The Study Of Therapeutic Change is a group of professionals who also value highly basing psychotherapy practice on practice based evidence.

     I currently attend the Pullman Universalist Memorial Church in Albion, NY.           Previously, I attended Spiritus Christi which was formerly Corpus Christi before it became independent.
     I have always been interested in spiritual ideas and have grown more eclectic in my study as I have grown older.
     I am very respectful of all faith traditions or none at all whatever the case may be. In therapy I think spiritual concerns are an important part of the client's view of self and of life. I am always interested in discussing these ideas if the client would find it helpful.

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