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David G. Markham, C.S.W.

Individual, Couple, & Family Counseling

Welcome to the web site of David G. Markham, C.S.W. This web site is intended to answer any questions you may have about my practice, and individual, couple, and family psychotherapy in general.

People often wonder what psychotherapy is and how it can help them. All human beings have problems at various points in their lives. They may feel distressed, exasperated, confused, perplexed, frustrated, anxious, and depressed. They wish they had some one to turn to who would understand what they are going through, and could help them figure things out and get on a better track. This is best done in an objective, honest, nonjudgmental, and caring climate. Labeling, stigmatizing, and categorizing people often makes problems worse. Objective, and yet personal, individualized counseling approaches usually work best.
     I believe that a good counselor functions in three ways:
     1. as a sounding board so that a person can think out loud about what is going on in his/her life,
     2. as an idea generator to help people consider options about how to handle the stressors and pressures in their lives,
     3. as a provider of information that can help people achieve their goals.

What are the benefits of psychotherapy?

· Feel less distressed and enjoy a better sense of well being.

· Enjoy better relationships with others.

· Better attitude and performance at work and/or school.

· More confidence that your life is on the right track.

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